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July One Month, One Palette: Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette

July One Month, One Palette ~ The Wonky Brow
It's time for one of my favorite posts again!!! It's July's One Month, One Palette update. I love doing this series because it really makes me use my eyeshadow palettes. I love palettes, I love buying palettes, and I seem to love storing palettes... Because unless I force myself, I will just use what I'm used to, instead of trying out all the different things I have. 

So for July I chose to use Laura Mercier's Eye Art Artist's Palette. I chose this palette for one main reason, Dalen314 on YT (the creator of this series), used this palette back in May (check out her video, here) and she ended up not being a fan of it. So I wanted to used it and see if my view/opinion was different from hers. So let's get to it!

The Deets:
Just in case you don't know the story behind this palette, it was originally released during the holiday 2013 season as a limited edition palette. People raved and raved and raved about this palette, however, I still chose not to purchase it. But then Laura Mercier decided to bring it back AND make it permanent (as far as I know). So I finally caved and purchased it. They did change the packaging since the holiday edition and I have also seen some YT'ers comparing the old version to the new one (check out this review by Cora from Vintage or Tacky, here) to see if there are differences in formulation or application. This palette retails for $55 and you get 12 shadows in a variety of finishes. Also, the top half of the palette are cool tones and the bottom half are warm.

The Palette:
Laura Mercier's Eye Art Artist's Palette
The Shadows:
Let's start with what I loved. I loved how the shadows were separated with the top half being cool and the bottom being warm and how they were arranged from lightest to darkest. For whatever reason, it appeals to me visually when shadows are arranged that way. These shadows were great. They were creamy and blended well, they were easy to use, and I had no complaints about their functionality. My absolute least favorite shade was African Violet. No matter how I tried to use this color, it just didn't work for me. I also didn't really care for Bamboo. I just thought this color was so bland (is it just me?!?). My standouts from this palette were Vanilla Nuts, Guava, and Fresco. OMG, Fresco. I loved that shade. It's the perfect crease/transition shade. All that being said......

Close up look at Vanilla Nuts, Guava, and Fresco from Laura Mercier's Eye Art Artist's Palette

The Conclusion:
I may be in the minority, but this palette bored me to death. I have brown eyes, and so I thought this would be a great palette for me. But I just didn't love the purple shades in here and so I never really used them. And if you aren't going to use the purples, then this is just another neutral palette. And I have enough neutral palettes... I really just got bored this month (so bored that I started using the palette I chose for August a week early). Luckily, if I find that I can't live without the three shadows I enjoyed most, they can all be purchased individually. But the truth of the matter is, they are all shades you can find in almost any eyeshadow line and I'm sure I won't be needing them. Now don't get me wrong... I still love Laura Mercier products. And if you don't own a ton of neutral eyeshadows, or a ton of eye shadow palettes, you might love this palette and it may be all you need. But seeing as I am an avid makeup collector and have other things like this... This palette is going to be returned. 

Have you used this palette? What were your thoughts?? Let me know!!!
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  1. Thank you for an honest review. I remember hearing about this palette a lot but I have a lot of eye shadows and am thinking it's not something I need.

    1. Always!!! It's definitely not a must have for me. Unless you just like to collect palettes... lol. Thanks for reading girlie!!! xoxoxo

  2. WOW, what a bummer. I don't know the shades look gorgeous though. Well, let me just say... if hmmmm, you know.... you want to get rid of it. Just put on your blog sale. I'll be there instantly because I'm a shadow fantastic!!!

    1. Lol! That made me smile. This one went back to Sephora (I still had the receipt)! But I am going to add some new stuff to the blog sale soon!!!

  3. HI. I nominated you for a blog award! It's a fun post to do. =)