Monday, June 30, 2014

Showing Some Love... Jamberry!

A little bit of background...
I am a nail polish addict. If you know me, then this is not news. If you follow me on Instagram, then this is not news. Since I was 15 years old I have been getting my nails done on a regular basis. Until this past year, I've always had acrylics. Now that I'm going au naturel, I constantly change my polish and I'm addicted to nail designs and nail art. (I'm getting better each time... But it's a work in progress... lol.) A few weeks ago a Jamberry Independent Consultant (Shout Out to Torry Corbett) emailed me asking if I'd like to try some nail wraps. Now, I had never heard of "Jamberry" before, but the words NAIL WRAPS and TRY stuck out and I thought holdddd uppppp... Does this mean FREE??? (It did.) So I replied post haste and said "YES, yes I would." (Then I googled Jamberry and was impressed with what I found.) Now in an effort to be completely transparent... I was not paid to write this blogpost. (Not even in nail wraps.) Torry, my consultant, sent me some samples free of charge to use as accent nails and she asked for NOTHING in return. Butttttt... I LOVED these nail wraps and figured I'd let the world know.

What I received...

How I used them...
I started small since I had never used any nail wraps before, and just did my pinky.
And it lasted. Though the polish did not. I had this wrap on for about a week and a half. It could've held up longer but I suffer from Nail Polish ADD. Plus working in retail is not a manicure's best friend.

Next I used a regular wrap and an "over-lay" that you put on top of polish so that the color shows through. Again the regular wrap lasted about a week and a half. Sadly the over-lay did not, simply because it was ON TOP of the polish...

Just the other night I finally sat down to do my nails for the first time in THREE weeks. And I had to use some more of my nail wraps. I'm officially obsessed with the houndstooth print (that would be the one on my ring finger.)
A few more details...
Now there is a process to putting these wraps on... But as long as you have a heat source (like a blow dryer) it's pretty simple. 
Lastly, Torry did mention that IF I like the wraps, I could host a "Facebook party"... Ummm, hello... Two of my favorite things... Facebook and Party. So I said to sign me up! IF you are interested and would like to join in on my Virtual Nail party (Again, I'm not being paid to say this, however, based on sales I could possibly earn free product.)... Check me out on FB (shameless self promotion) I now have a page for The Wonky Brow. If you're interested in the wraps but not the "party" check out Torry's page here! (This is her consultant link to the Jamberry site and so she gets credit for any purchases made through her link.) Or if you just want to browse... They have some great designs. I already know exactly which ones I want! Like these... and these... and these... and these... Just to show you a few. ;-) 

I've decided that I really enjoy using nail wraps thanks to these samples... I like that they are easy to use, add an accent to my manicure, look neat and polished, and best of all I can do it myself. What about you? Have you tried any nail wraps? Which are your favorites? Let me know!!! Until next time!
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Go VoxBox!!! Featuring... Next Step Fit n' Full, #GoProFoot, and #MullerQuaker!

That's right, folks!!! I qualified for another VoxBox compliments of Influenster!!! ( This is my second VoxBox, my first was for the reformulated Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick check out my thoughts here!) This box is called the Go VoxBox, and it was filled with all kinds of fun "active lifestyle" goodies!!! I was super excited for this Voxbox and all it's contents, howeverrrrr... Some stood out more than others. And some kinda just fell flat. Here are my thoughts starting with the stuff I LOVED...
Next Step Fit n' Full 
I received three Next Step shake packets in French Vanilla (Ok), Fresh Berries (No!), and Swiss Chocolate (Yes ma'am!!!) and a Next Step Jaxx shaker cup. It just so happens I was in the market for a shaker cup and this one was perfect (not to mention, I didn't have to pay for it). As for the shakes... I have to say I was impressed. The Swiss Chocolate was definitely the best flavor by far. There was a slight aftertaste (as with most meal replacement shakes) but it was least offensive with the vanilla and chocolate flavors. I drank these shakes for an on-the-go breakfast before work and they really kept me feeling full and curbed my hunger until lunchtime. You can purchase them in a large tube or individual packets. The convenient packet-size is very travel friendly. Overall, I'd consider buying these in the future. Don't believe me, check out some other reviews for yourself here...
Blue Diamond Almonds Blueberry Oven Roasted Almonds
I had NOOOOOO clue Blue Diamond made these. Let alone that they come in Strawberry and Raspberry also. Really, not much needs to be said. If you like almonds, and you like berry flavored things... You'll LOVE these. Go get you some!!!
Aqua Spa Lavender-Chamomile Bath Soak
I must admit, I wasn't expecting much from this. For one, I'm not into baths. Second, lavender is not a scent I am usually fond of. Also, I assumed this was one of those soaks that just absorbed into the water to moisturize your skin... I was wrong. The scent is really light and not overpowering and nauseating... At all. PLUS this created some serious bubbles. I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised.
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance
Tampons. There's not too much I can say about a tampon. Always useful for any girl. I am partial to unscented products, but these weren't bad. They didn't have that disgusting floral smell that belongs NOWHERE near a vagina. IJS. It's unnatural for it to smell like roses. Boys, take note. If it does, she's hiding something. ;-) Off topic. Anyways... These are decent I'd purchase them if they were on sale. But truth be told, I prefer my U by Kotex.
Pro Foot Triad Orthotic Insole and Pedi Rock
The item I was most excited for, the Pedi-Rock. I couldn't wait to try this. But after one use and as of this post, I'm confused... Was this supposed to happen:
The little "scrubbies" (that's the technical term, I swear), just scrubbed right off. And this picture was taken immediately after my first use. Soooo by my calculations... This product will not last too long. And I didn't find that this did anything to help smooth my feet. Lastly, the shape of it just felt awkward in my hand. I think I shall stick with my trusty Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar. The shoe inserts worked great. I used them in my work shoes and they definitely made a difference. They provided support and comfort. But the best part is that they are one-size-fits-all. No scissors or trimming needed, just slip them right into your shoes and get to steppin'. 
Müller Greek Corner Yogurt
I received a coupon to redeem for a free muller product and I chose the Greek Corner Yogurt in Blackberry & Raspberry. Now I'm gonna be completely honest. This was just... Meh. I mean... It's yogurt, so you can't really ruin it... But I much prefer the Chobani Flip yogurts. They have soooo many great flavors (like this one... or this one... or this one!) And that's where I found the Muller brand to fall flat. There just wasn't a decent flavor selection, In my opinion. Come on Muller!!! Get some stuff to compete with brands like Chobani! Then we can reevaluate...
So there you have it! My thoughts on all the items I received compliments of Influenster for testing purposes! Have you had a different experience with anything mentioned??? Let me know! Until next time...
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Whew!!! It's been a while... Sorry about the hiatus but moving and settling has taken priority these last few weeks. I just wanted to give a quick update and let everyone know more is to come... 
My son and I officially moved about a week and a half ago. We are now Central Florida residents. Helllllll-o, Middle-of-Nowhere!!! (I kid, I kid). I'm excited to be here and start my "new" life with the boyfriend and his three kids. Yes, that means FOUR children. Someone get me some valium, stat.
Let me tell you though... Compared to packing my bathroom (and then unpacking it), the kids are a piece of cake. THAT was mission impossible, minus Tom Cruise (he's weird). I have A LOT of crap. But the exciting part is... I went to IKEA and bought this desk:
ALEX add-on unit
NIPEN legs
So all my stuff has a new home... #happiness. I need to work on the drawer organization but at least everything has a place and I feel a little less chaotic, (just a lil'). As for what's to come, I have two posts coming in the next few days "compliments of Influenster", so keep an eye out. Plus, I've got some ideas percolating in my head... Maybe another tag post. We shall see! Thanks for being patient and sticking around! Until next time...
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