Friday, March 28, 2014

Product Spotlight; Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick!!! 

Last Friday was a very exciting day for me… I received my very FIRST VoxBox!!! Now some of you are probably like "WTF is a VoxBox?!?" A VoxBox is a box filled with complimentary product(s) that you may or may not qualify for if you are a member of Influenster.  (Influenster is an online community where consumers can give their opinions on different products and services- if you are curious about signing up feel free to send me an email and I can send you link- I am not paid for this, it just boosts my Influenster "score".)  So what was in my mysterious VoxBox, you ask???  It was the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in #360 As You Want Victora…

The Claims... 

I was super excited to try this lipstick since I have never used a Rimmel lipstick before (I have used their Show Off lip lacquers and I LOVE them!!!) and have always been curious… Now according to the Rimmel London website this product claims to leave your lips 70% more hydrated and 60% smoother.  It also contains a SPF 20 and vitamins A, C, and E to keep your lips protected.  

The Review…

The first thing I noticed was the color, a super BRIGHT pink.  It was love at first sight.  And then I put it on… Holy Opacity… That was some serious color.  This lipstick goes on fully opaque in one swipe.  In fact, I recommend you don't apply more than that as the formula is very slippery and this stuff will 'slip' right onto your teeth.  Also, if you have any fine lines around your mouth (and even if you don't) I strongly recommend you use a lip liner so there is no feathering around your lips.  The formula does glide right on, I didn't notice any drag or skipping as I applied it which I liked.  It also did not dry out my lips, which for me is extremely important.  If my lips feel cake-y or cracked by the end of the day I am not a happy camper.  That being said, I didn't feel like this was a long-lasting lip product, in fact it somehow ended up on my chin… and my cheek… and under my nose… and on the boyfriend's lips (this lipstick should not be used on date night. FYI.)…  So maybe it glides a little tooooo well.  I find that instead of using a lip balm (which I ALWAYS do) before applying this lipstick I can use a little bit of concealer to actually dry my lips a tiny bit so the formula can stick better.  This seems to work for me.  The only other drawback I noticed is that it does have a slight play-doh-y scent.  (Yep, I said play-doh).  But I didn't really notice it as it wore throughout the day.  Just thought I should warn you incase there are others out there with extreme scent aversions.  Long story short, I will definitely continue to use this lipstick and I am still curious about some of the lighter shades… But I wouldn't run out to buy it asap… Instead you could take a leisurely stroll… ;-) 
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***I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster***

Have you tried any Rimmel products lately? Thoughts?? Recommendations??? Let me know below!!! And don't forget to follow me on Blogger or Bloglovin'!!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

TMI Tag!!! (Toooo Much Info…)

This tag has been all over YouTube and the Blogosphere… So I thought to myself "What better way to let everyone get to know me a lil' bit better"… Enjoy! And thanks for reading!!!

1. What are you wearing? Honestly… Ummmm… My boyfriend's boxers and an old work shirt of his.  Listen, it's sunday Morning and we just woke up.  Keeping it real...
2. Ever been in love? Yes!!!
3. Ever had a terrible breakup? Ehhh… Not on my end… :-D
4. How tall are you? I just recently learned I'm an inch taller than I always thought. 5'5. 
5. How much do you weigh? Ughhhh… More than I should.

6. Any tattoos? Three… And I want more.
7. Any piercings? Just the ears...
8. OTP (One True Pairing: what's your favorite fictional couple)? Hmmm… Rose and Dimitri. (VA- Don't judge. I love Young Adult novels…)
9. Favourite show? I don't really have a current one.  I don't watch to much TV.  But if I had to choose I'd say Friends or Sex and the City… I own both series from beginning to end.
10. Favourite bands? Lady Antebellum
11. Something you miss? Fresh Avocados… Season is over. :-(
12. Favourite song? Right nowwww… Drink a Beer by Luke Bryan
13. How old are you? 30 years old… for a few more months...
14. Zodiac sign? Gemini. You've been warned.
15. Quality you look for in a partner? A sense of humor. And pretty eyes… ;-)
16: Favourite Quote? 
“My beloved is mine.  And I am his.” 
17: Favourite actor? Channing Tatum.
18: Favourite color? Blue. Any shade...
19: Loud music or soft? Both. Depends on my mood. 
20: Where do you go when you're sad? I go to sleep… 
21: How long does it take you to shower? About 20 min… 
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Haaahahahahahaha… It depends what I'm doing.  I CAN be ready in less than 20 min but I prefer to take my time and my usual is about an hour.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? Yes, once.  
24: Turn on? Just one, his name is Jon. ;-) 
25: Turn off? Snootiness…  
26: The reason I joined Youtube? I haven't… yet...
27: Fears? Spiders, bees, and wasps… oh my!
28: Last thing that made you cry? A video on fb about a boy and his dog… (Watch it!)
29: Last time you said you loved someone? This morning.
30: Meaning behind your Youtube/Blogging Name? My name and current obsession.
31: Last book you read? 'Gameboard of the Gods' by Richelle Mead. 
32: The book you're currently reading? 'The Fiery Heart' by Richelle Mead. I see a pattern...
33: Last show you watched? No idea… I know something was on last night as I was going to sleep but I don't remember what. :-D
34: Last person you talked to? My other half… Jon.
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My OTHER other half… My bestie, Jenna.
36: Favourite food? Sushi
37: Place you want to visit? Italy, Greece, and Japan
38: Last place you were? The bathroom. lol...
39: Do you have a crush? Just one… His name is Jon. (Have I earned any points yet?!?)
40: Last time you kissed someone? About 20 min ago.

41: Last time you were insulted? Hmmmm… Can't remember...
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? Chocolate.
43: What instruments do you play? None...
44: Favourite piece of jewelry? Rings… From Tiffany's… CoughCough...
45: Last sport you played? I walk everyday… But sports have never been my thing.
46: Last song you sang? 'Sexy and I Know it" by LMFAO
47: Favourite chat up line? You don't need lines, just be yourself… Lines are cheesy.

48: Have you ever used it? Negative.
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? As I type… 
50: Who should answer these questions next? Anyone and Everyone who wants to!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Nighttime Skincare; Is it toooo much??

My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy I disagree.  (Welllll, most of the time I disagree... but occasionally he might possibly be correct.  We all have our moments.)  What is currently causing the questioning of my sanity, you ask???  Well, it is my nighttime skincare routine.  And quite possibly the simple fact that I have one

Last night The Boyfriend and I were "face-timing" (we live three hours apart at the moment) and  I was mid-routine when he called.  Now, I have no shame, so I still answered.  I mean He might as well witness exactly what he's getting himself into, no?  So as I cleansed, toned, oiled, scrubbed, and moisturized He watched.  And then proceeded to ask the age-old question "You are going to bed, how much stuff are you gonna put on?" Boys.  Smh.  He didn't get it.  A lot can happen in 8hours!  I explained that everything I use has a different purpose.  He still didn't get it.  But I have a hunch that you might 

So the very first thing I do at night is floss my teeth (no flossing rants today... I'll spare you), brush them and then use my lip scrub (DIY recipe from Pink So Foxy) and lip balm. (speaking of which, that Malin+Goetz mojito lip balm is awesome.  I got it in my Ipsy bag.  LOVE it.  Extremely hydrating.) Typically when I'm getting ready to go to bed my makeup has already been removed (Ponds. Hands down, BEST. Especially the ones in the pink package.) because I take it off when I get home from work, BEFORE I get on the treadmill. (I cannot exercise with makeup on.  I don't know how girls do it.  I hate it. It's like I can feel it dripping off my face and it drives me nuts.)  So I like to use the Dickinson's Witch Hazel wipes (which doubles as a toner for me) just to make sure any leftover residue is off my face.  (I don't use the wipes AND a cleanser, I do one or the other and it's usually the wipes because they are quicker and I'm all about a shortcut.  Fret not, I use a cleanser EVERY morning and this seems to be good enough for my skin.  Also, I only use a face scrub once a week, usually before I do a face mask.)  After that I use my oil.  I was trying out a sample of the Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil.  But it was a sample... So I ran out...  And thought I'd give the drugstore Bio-Oil a try and see what happens... It claims to help with aging, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone.  Next are my Ole Henriksen products (Invigorating Night GelUltimate Lift Eye Gel PMSheer Transformation, and Truth is in the Eyes Vitamin C Eye Peel).  I bought a whole set of minis during the holiday season and have been LOVING them.  I have seen a definite improvement in the look and texture of my skin since using these products.  I must admit though, I don't know that I'd commit to buying them full-size just yet.  I'd like to try out a couple other brands first (CoughClarinsCoughChough).  The very last thing I do is moisturize my elbows with whichever moisturizer is in rotation- right now it's the Hempz Vanilla Plum (Yes, I said elbows.  Mine tend to get very dry and will crack and flake if I don't take care of them and it grosses me out) and take my vitamins.  I take Biotin for my hair, skin and nails, and Vitamin D because I am part-vampire and allergic to the sun.  Also, my doctor told me to.

Now I don't think that's too much... But how about you?  Do you have a nighttime routine?? And does your guy (or girl) give you a hard time about it??? Let me know!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Eyeshadow Dupes; Can YOU Guess that Shadow???

So... I thought we'd play a fun lil' game today… Can YOU Guess that Shadow???  I am going to show you a series of eye shadow dupe (dupe= duplicate, a.k.a. twins) swatches and see if you can tell which is which… Answers will be posted at the end. Have fun and enjoy!!!

1. Mac Mythology and Imagine from Bare Minerals The Happy Place
2. Nude from the Lorac Pro Palette, NYX Aloha, and Mac Shroom
(These three have very subtle differences in my opinion. However, on the eye, they look the same.)
3. Mac Cranberry, Shadow #8 from Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye Palette, Pink Sapphire from the Anastasia Lavish Palette, and Urban Decay Last call (To avoid confusion these four are together because when I separated them even I got confused. All together you can tell there are two very distinct tones.)
4. NYX Frosted Ocean, Urban Decay Evidence, and Shade #6 from Sonia Kashuk Jewel of an Eye Palette
5. Wet n Wild Crème Brûlée and Urban Decay Walk of Shame
(Sorry I'm sooooo pale you can barely see these!!!)
6. Mac Beauty Marked, Urban Decay Blackheart, and Wet n Wild shade #6 from Petal Pusher Palette
Cheers to the first edition of Can YOU Guess that Shadow??? Hopefully you enjoyed this post and possibly found a new dupe or two.  I know I had fun but what have I learned from all this??? I have wayyyyy to many eyeshadows… Ha! Just kidding… A girl can never have enough #eyeswag!  And don't forget to let me know how YOU did in the comments below!!!  xoxoxo- StephieeBee

Here are the answers:
1. Top- Imagine
Bottom- Mythology
2. Top- Aloha
Middle- Nude
Bottom- Shroom
3. Top- Cranberry
Second- Last Call
Third- Shade #8
Bottom- Pink Sapphire
4. Top- Evidence
Middle- Frosted Ocean
Bottom- Shade #6
5. Top-Walk of Shame 
Bottom- Crème Brûlée 
6. Top- Blackheart
Middle- Beauty Marked
Bottom- Shade #6

Friday, March 14, 2014

Buh-byeee Emerald… Hellooooo Radiant Orchid!

That's right folks, Radiant Orchid is the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year.  For those of you who already know what that means… Mazel (That's the Hebrew phrase for congrats).  For those who have absolutely no idea what in the world I am speaking of… Let me enlighten you.  Pantone is a company based out of New Jersey that is known for its color-matching system.  We, beauty junkies know allllll to well that not all taupes are created equally and so an entire system was created… This system is used so that designers and manufacturers can "color-match" their creations so that no matter who/what/where is used to print or manufacture an item there is consistency (for a much more in-depth explanation you can read Wiki).  To make a looooong story short, in 2000 Pantone announced it's first Color of the Year (Cerulean) and has continued to do so ever since.  In 2012, Pantone and Sephora teamed up and created a makeup line based on the then CotY (Tangerine Tango) and thus a new craze was born… Sephora+Pantone Universe- check out this year's products here!

While I have not ever purchased any of the makeup from this line it's still fun to look at and I absolutely love this year's color.  I also love orchids.  They are my favorite flower.  I swear.  My favorite.  Take note.  So in a nod to Radiant Orchid, I present you with a few items that may already be in your makeup stash…

I'm going to start with the nail polish.  Essie's Play Date.  I fell head over heels in LOVE with this color.  I was visiting my mom one evening and she came home with her nails freshly manicured and polished and this bottle was in her hands.  My sister and I promptly commandeered the polish and did our nails.  Yes, we were all "twinsies!!!"  While I admit this shade does not match EXACTLY, it's still in the same range.  In fact, on my last shopping trip to Sephora I had this on and one of the associates walked up just to compliment and comment that I was wearing the CotY.

Oh Wet & Wild… Where do I begin… First I must mention, "I AM NOT ON THE WET & WILD BAND WAGON".  Yes, for a drugstore brand, SOME of their products are pretty decent and very inexpensive…BUT I'm still just like "ehh, whatever."  I do, however, really like this palette.  Some shades are definitely better quality than others (the darkest shades swatched the best, for me).  Overall though, I feel you can definitely achieve a very "Radiant Orchid" look using just these shadows and they blend well.  I found mine at my local Target, ON CLEARANCE!!! 

I saved the best for last.  Bite Beauty.  OMFG.  I'm officially OBSESSED.  Seriously.  This is the Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo in Vivid that I recently hauled.  I now want every shade of lipstick from Bite.  I'm not kidding.  This formula is amazing.  It does NOT dry out my lips whatsoever.  And the color lasts!  The shade shown is Violet.  And this screams RADIANT ORCHID to me.  I think it's beautiful and it's the perfect bright lip for a neutral eye.  If you don't own this, GO get it girls.  You need this in your life… And makeup collection…

What are your favorite picks for the Color of the Year??? Let me know!!! xoxoxo

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lil' Haul-i-day… ;-)

Soooooo… Today was a shopping day. Which is always a good day for me, not so much for the wallet.  BUT!  I have an excuse… My bestie had a foundation crisis.  So of course that means a trip to Sephora… And Lush… And The Body Shop… Right?!?  No, really though.  We had a foundation situation.  It's still not resolved but we'll get there eventually and that shall be an epic tale for another day.  Stay tuned… As for me, I only did some minor damage.  Wink-wink.

Our first stop was Sephora where we both got Color IQ matched.  I feel like it's a good starting off point for shade range when you are unsure what you need, but don't get to hung up on ONLY using foundations that they claim are "your" best match.  Experiment and ask for samples.  Which is exactly what we did.  The bestie was told she is a 2R07 and got a sample of the Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer in Sand and had it applied to half her face (the other half had Nars Sheerglow Foundation).  When first applied we liked the tinted moisturizer better… By the time we left the mall, less than an hour later, the tinted moisturizer looked like an oil slick... on her face.  Not gonna work.  And the Nars was just not the right color.  Fret not, we shall try again.  :-D  For my Color IQ match this go-round I was a 4Y05, all I can read from that is Y= Yellow.  Last time I was 1R06, where I assume R= Rose.  I'm officially confused.  Could they be any more different???  The associate gave me a sample of the Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation in Dim the Light.  From my previous color match I use Urban Decay Naked Skin in shade 3.5.  And I love it.  This should be a fun experiment.  I'll keep you posted.  (Side-note: We both have Combo-Dry skin types, in case you're wondering… and even if you weren't!) On to what I actually purchased…  The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush(es)- because I couldn't stop at one!!!  I picked up the shades Dim Infusion and Ethereal Glow because I am a Pale Face (did ya' catch that my Twilight friends?) and because they correspond with my Ambient Lighting Powders.  I also purchased the Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo in Vivid- Palomino/Violet.  Can we say "YouTube made me do it"… Lastly, I got a 500 Point Perk from L'Occitane that contains 5 deluxe-sized samples and a cute bag.

 (Left: Ethereal Glow, Right: Dim Infusion)
Light Swatches.  
(Top: Ethereal Glow, Bottom: Dim infusion- Please excuse my arm hairs- I simply refuse to shave/wax any more body parts than absolutely necessary)...
 (Left: Violet, Right: Palomino)
(Top: Palomino, Bottom: Violet)

Next, we stopped by Lush.  From here I purchased only the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask.  I haven't had a Lush face mask in a while and have been wanting to try this one out.

Our final destination was The Body Shop.  And I had a Groupon!!!  Gotta love a deal.  I purchased a $15 Groupon for $30 worth of product, but the best part is that I received ANOTHER 20% off on top of that with a coupon code.  #boom.  So for $12 I got… 2 Mini Body Butters in Chocomania and Coconut, a Mini Body Scrub in Chocomania, a Mini Camomile Eye Make-up Remover, and the Mini Hemp Hand Protector.  Why so many Minis, you may ask???  Because when it comes to my beauty relationships, I have SERIOUS commitment issues.  If a product lasts for tooooo long, I end up hating it.  Even if it's a miracle worker.  Though I may end up spending more in the long-run, purchasing smaller sizes keeps me from throwing product out or just letting it go bad (so that I can then THROW IT OUT).  Minis keep me happy and (relatively) sane in an otherwise beauty-crazed world.

That concludes my Lil' Haul-i-day.  I hope you enjoyed!  What have you purchased lately??? Comment below and let me know!!! Xoxoxo

Monday, March 3, 2014

For Better or Worse. An "Empties" tale...

I just emptied my trash onto my floor.  Literally.  And I had quite a bit this month.  So in an effort to save time, conserve energy, and prevent boredom... I'm only going to discuss the products that stood out to me.  For better or worse…

I Do's:

I have two words for you. Clear Care.  I never hear anyone mention this product.  It's like a secret agent you can find in the drugstore.  Mr. Under Cover... That being said, let me begin with the con's for this item… 1. It's a bit high-maintenence and 2. It's pricey.  Now I'll explain why that info is irrelevant… This stuff is AMAZING.  Maybe you didn't understand. A-MAYYYYY-ZINGGG.  If you wear contacts, you should be using this.  Period.  If you find that your eyes are getting dried out, are irritated after wearing your contacts, or get infected often- you NEED this in your life.  What makes this high-maintenence is the fact that this is a hydrogen-peroxide solution.  (DISCLAIMER- DO NOT GET/PUT THIS STUFF DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EYES).  Once you put your lenses into the solution you cannot wear them for six hours.  SIX hours.  Get over it because I promise you, your eyes will thank you.  As for the price, it goes on sale regularly.  And there are always coupons.  Combine the two and stock up.

Ole Henriksen 3-Step Power Peel.  Loved it.  My skin felt amazing afterwards.  I decided to give it a whirl after one of my co-workers told me how much she loved it.  Sephora sells a two-pack, check it out...-™%20Professional%20Spa%20Grade%20Kit%20%20P375421&skuId=1431956&productId=P375421&_requestid=165521

Dental Floss… But to be specific Oral-B Glide dental floss.  (WARNING!!! Rant ahead!!!) Flossing is important to me for two reasons.  The first (and more "shallow") reason, Fresh Breath.  Nothing is more of a turn-off than the scent of decaying food. Ick.  Second, you only get one set of permanent teeth.  If you don't take care of them, they aren't gonna stick around.  Cavities, root canals, or extractions; that will be your future.  I have always gone to the dentist religiously and my mother was a dental assistant. She would always preach to me about the importance of flossing.  As a child I never had cavities so I thought she was nuts.  Then it caught up with me… I'll never forget when my dentist oh-so nonchalantly said to me "you don't want to floss? That's okay. I'll just see you more often".  That got my attention.  I love my dentist, but that shit gets expensive.  I prefer to see him twice a year.  No more, no less.  Now I'll be completely honest with you… I have not always brushed my teeth twice a day, but I damn sure floss EVERY night before bed.  Now what makes this floss so special, you ask???  It glides.  Duh.  Hence, the name.  But it really does.  If you have tight spaces in-between your teeth, this will be your savior.

Salon Grafix Shaping Hair Spray… Now this caught me by surprise.  I used it because I ran out of my Tres Two and I was expecting it to pale in comparison.  It did not.  It was actually great.

Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes… For me the formula was just ok, it was the brush I fell in love with.  It separated my lashes like nothing else I've ever used.  I plan on throwing away the tube and keeping the brush just to use in a lash-clumping emergency.

Last but not least!!! Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle. Love. Period. Will re-buy again and again.  We all know the Revlon Lip Butters are great, but this one I love for the color.

I Don'ts:

Simple Eye Makeup Remover. Oh. Em. Gee. I'd rather use a scouring pad.  Or rather, it's LIKE using a scouring pad. No, just NO.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque… I bought the sample packet to try before splurging on a $30 hair masque.  I'm glad I did.  I was curious because so many people rant and rave about this stuff.  For me, it's just meh.  My hair did feel softer afterwards but that only lasted until I washed it again.  Not for me. I prefer to make my own hair and scalp treatments with natural ingredients.  That way I can customize to suit my needs better.  And it's cheaper.  Win-Win.

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes! Ha. How about Hello 'coon eyes! Or Hello Smudgy Black Mess!  This stuff dripped off my lashes.  Dripped off and landed on my orbital bone.  Plus that little ball-y thing at the end broke off during my very first use. I didn't even try and finish this, toss!

That's all I've got for you from February's trash bin.  Let's see what March has to offer! Xoxoxo...