Saturday, August 22, 2015

Finish 5 by Fall Midpoint Check-in!

Finish 5 by Fall ~ The Wonky Brow
We are about half-way through the Finish 5 by Fall project so it's time for an update! I am pretty happy with most of my progress, so let's get started...
The Beginning:
The chosen products and their starting points.
The Progress:
Midpoint Check-in
Thoughts Thus Far...
  1. Starting in order... Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. IT'S ALL GONE!!!! I'm super happy about this and have already picked out some new foundations to try out. I did love this foundation while I was using it, but I want to explore the world of foundation so I will not repurchase this any time soon. If you like a light-medium, natural finish foundation, you should definitely check this one out. 
  2. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. With consistent use, I've made really good progress on this. While I like the thin, silicone-y feel of this primer, I don't think it plays well with others. It's a very picky primer... The jury is still out.
  3. Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil. OMFG. NO. I will no longer continue to use this. It flakes all over the damn place!!! It got into my eyes. It was terrible. No. Just NO. 
  4. BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick. I like this lipstick. The only reason I haven't used much is because I have been wearing "Berry Lips" for work. This formula is also really soft and the minis I have tried tend to move around in the tube. That makes me crazy. Am I the only one???
  5. M.A.C.'s Mineralize Concealer. Ummmmmm... I may have been a little over ambitious with this one. It's hard to really tell how much progress I have made, but I'm using it daily. I think the only way I'd be able to finish this by Fall would be if I used it more as a foundation... Which I might try just for shits and giggles...

Urban Decay Velvet Pencil Fail. Do you see the flakes?!?!?! Not a good look. IJS.
This is what I mean when I say the formula is soft and the lipstick moves around in the tube. When I apply it, it hits the side of the tube and mushes, for lack of a better word.
So... I am okay with having one item in this project be a complete fail. The Hourglass primer should be done fairly soon. So it's really just down to the lipstick and the concealer. If I don't end up finishing them, at least I tried!!!! Xoxoxo.
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  1. great progress!! sucks that you had a couple of duds but better to prune them from the collection than hold onto garbage right? ♥pdpatel0503

    1. Exactly!!! One less eyeliner in my drawer!!! lol. xoxoxo